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A beautiful set of teeth consists more and more often of a person´s natural teeth, as well as implants, crowns, bridges or denture frames. Dentinno works closely with dental laboratories and provides them with high-quality semi-finished products and primary products.

Dentinno largely replaces the manual work needed to make prosthetics such as crowns, bridges and implants with a digital production line using innovative processes, which are extremely efficient and guarantee premium quality.

Dentinno largely replaces manual work that was still needed to make crowns, bridges and implants by a digital production line with innovative processes, which are extremely efficient and guarantee premium quality.

Introduction on IDS 2013
On the IDS in Cologne in March 2013, Dentinno introduced the digital production of partial denture frames on the international market. More than 250 dental laboratories have visited our presentation and are interested in testing a digitally produced partial denture frame.

Digital production of partial denture frames
The dentist makes a traditional print of the patient’s teeth with a spoon or a digital print with an oral scanner. The dental laboratory makes a plaster model of the teeth or a 3D design using a CAD-CAM system. Dentinno builds the denture frame in the desired metal by laser melting, where the frame is build up layer by layer in 3D with metallic powder. Dentinno takes care of polishing and finishing the denture frame in a special automated and environmentally friendly process until the exact fit is achieved.

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